Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lazy Sundays are so nice.

I had a semi busy weekend. I played with my boys and even my nephew. I got my hair done and errands run. I have kept my house picked up and laundry caught up so I didn't have much to do yesterday except veg out. Which I did. ALL. DAY. LONG. It was amazing. I finally caught up on my sleep because every time The Baby napped I napped. I felt a little disgusted with myself for not cleaning bathrooms but oh well. I know next weekend will be crazy getting ready for our vacation so I decided to do absolutely nothing. Plus it was in the 90s on Sunday and I am not a fan of heat.

Last night Thing 1 wanted the big screen TV in the living room. Let me break my house down for you we have 3 TVs. 1 large TV in the living room which holds the much coveted DVR. 1 medium sized one in the bonus room, which is where we make the Things watch TV and play on their Wii. And 1 in Lineman and my bedroom. As you see from the breakdown Thing 1 has a TV he can watch. It's in the bonus room. He can keep The Baby out because there is a baby gate so there is no reason to use the living room TV unless you want to play on the PlayStation that Lineman will not let me move to the bonus room. Of course Thing 1 wants to build things in Minecraft, a game I loath with all my heart. So I said, sure you can put The Baby to bed and I'll go to sleep. He actually took me seriously. He stuck with me through bath time, which is really just The Baby playing in the water while we watch and adore him. He stuck with me through getting The Baby diapered and dressed, and he stuck with me through making a bottle and singing a lullaby. I was pretty reasonably impressed that he did not ditch me throughout the process. It was kind of nice. In the end he got 30 minutes on Minecraft while I talked to Lineman on the phone.

These moments pass so quickly that it sometimes escapes me how grown my older boys are becoming. They want to help and play with their baby brother. They want to be part of the conversation. They want to hang out with me. It's nice and I know I will blink and it will be gone so I try, even on my bad days, to show them love and kindness. To show them that I am not the wicked witch of the west no matter what Nana tells them. I try, especially on the days I'm tired, to give them all my patience. In the end we are better off together. In the end it is all worth it, but I don't want it to end. I want to be the mom they still think is cool. Which will be cemented in place when we take them to Hawaii in just over a week! YAY!

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