Thursday, June 4, 2015

The bible is not back up

I am a very nosy person. I am on social media to boast about my children and see what other people I know are up doing with their lives. If you don't like what I have to say you don't have to see it. It's a choice. I hate when arguments erupt on social media. It's gory and out there for the world to see. When opinions are being expressed tensions run high and inevitably there will be a show stopping comment. BOOM. Bible verse. What now?

I am not a hugely religious person. I have questions that I need to try to answer for myself. I am not against religion in any way. It is normal and natural to want to believe there is someone watching over and protecting you. I have seen religion as something personal for each individual, which is exactly what it is. Some follow certain religions because of their family or friends and others choose what religion works for them. Whatever your reason, good for you. I do, however, have a problem with you shoving your choice down my throat.

Religion is a tricky business and no one religion is ever acceptable universally. I have a problem with those that back their opinions by bible versus because there are so very many versus and versions and not a single one is completely current. There are versus saying that working on Sunday is punishable by death. The people using the bible as a back up for their arguments never touch the versus they don't believe in or think don't apply to them. I get it, you want ammunition to show others your way. Well for me, it's all or nothing. You don't get to choose what pieces work for your argument and leave out some pretty big flaws.

Everyone should have an opinion. Wars have been waged to make sure we are able to express our opinion. It is human nature, especially when we are happy, to want others to be happy as well. When I love a restaurant I tell all my friends so they can enjoy the same experience I had. When I have an amazing hair stylist or babysitter or anything I want to tell me friends and let them experience my joy. I love my hair stylist, my friend hates how she did her highlights. Ok no big deal, we have a difference but we can still be friends. For now. Because I love my highlights and you should too. I understand wanting to convince someone your way is better, and I'm a control freak so my way really is better. I do not, ever, use bible versus. Sometimes I will mention articles I've read, but I'm quick to show that they agree with me so they are articles I enjoy. My husband does not always love my back up but he understands. I want to try to back up my reasoning. It's okay to want others to join you in your views but please choose your versus carefully.

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