Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Author Name Change

Some of you might be wondering about my blog author’s name change. See my children thought it was a great idea to start their own YouTube channel with my Google account.

Here’s the thing. I don’t really care if they have a YouTube channel. Lineman is very against a YouTube channel so we were somewhat deadlocked. Obviously our children whined to their father and eventually he approved a channel, unknown to me at the time, but only videos he approved could be posted. But our children, who are like all children, were obviously smarter than we were because they had already started their channel on the sly. Without mentioning it to mom and dad.

Weird Right?

They didn’t have Google accounts because they aren’t old enough for that crap, so they just used my account, the same one I use to log them  onto YouTube. Yeah yeah, don’t be Judgy McJudgerson’s ok. I let them watch stupid videos because sometimes I’m lazy and don’t want to listen to the constant whining.

Anyway, they had posted gaming videos that were not approved. So Lineman had me remove them. I was cool with this. But now I find out that I can’t change my google name back…. What? Yeah 3 more months of my name being the Gaming Bros. And really, that name? Give me a break. So here I wait to get my name back. And wondering if I AM going to let them get a google account to prevent this from happening again. Or maybe I’ll keep the name.

Maybe, just maybe, they will have a successful YouTube channel and they will be able to save all that money they earn to pay for a decent college. A girl can dream...

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