Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dealing with Taxes gets my blood pressure up

Today I had the wonderfully irritating experience of dealing with the state tax commission. I will first tell you my father's theory on IRS agents and the state tax commission. "If they aren't smart enough to work in private practice they go to the IRS, if they aren't smart enough to work for the IRS they work for the state tax commission." And today that was proved. 

The big picture is both the state and federal agencies lean on CPAs and in my case, lowly tax preparers, to do the work and research the laws for them. Not only do my clients have to pay for the agencies idiocy but I have to deal with the idiots myself. 

I understand people get itchy and their eyes glaze over when they hear accountants revert to form numbers and laws but I get pumped. You pay us for a reason. And today I beat "the man" who was actually a woman and seemed to be new. As frustrating as the process is I know I'm right, which isn't surprising given the level of expertise I was dealing with, but I am going to take the victory lap anyway. 

Also today my oldest,Thing 1, has been fighting a cold. The cold is clearly winning but I don't dare tell him that because it becomes his mission in life to miss school for the day. The kid hates school, I get it, but come on! You ran to school which caused a coughing fit, which caused you to puke, which doesn't mean I should have to come get you. But I caved and set the ground rules. Thing 1 got to go to Nana's house but there would be no TV watching. I wanted him at least reading if he was going to milk the common cold for a day off. He was totally agreeable to that as he disappeared into his room at Nana's house. 

Yes my children have their own room at my mothers. Grandparents are allowed to spoil. I'm sure as soon as the front door closed the TV went on and it is still currently running making the minutes tick buy until he has to shut it off before Mom gets there. Honestly, she is creating the monster and I just want to bury my head in the sand. Lineman Dad offered to keep him home but the landscaping project that will never end is still in process and I need him focused on that and not on torturing his son for faking illness. 

Another day another drama.

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