Monday, April 27, 2015

My kids are cool and my house is a lot of work

This weekend we decided to really get stuff done around the house. On Friday we were basically running around like chickens with our heads cut off all day but we got to see family and all three of the boys were home for at least a night. Thing 1 had a Mother & Son Game Night at his school on Friday night. So when Thing 2 got home from school we invited him to join us. We had a blast. Mostly eating the sweets they served but also playing the games.

I may have never explained this but Thing 1 is my first born. He is the oldest by 3 months and he is a  very muscular kid. He doesn't know his own strength and he's so sweet and innocent I just adore him. He goes to his father's house from time to time but he prefers my house. His dad is not a bad guy and after years of being divorced we are on good terms. He clears everything through me because my rath is nothing to sneeze at. Overall we get along and raise Thing 1 as a team. Lineman is included int he team since he is around more. Crazy life but we make it work.

Thing 2 is Lineman's oldest. He is only younger than Thing 1 by 3 months but he is wise beyond his years. He is smart as they get but he is pretty sure he should be 20 for all he knows... yeah. He loves The Baby and is a great kid. Thing 2 lives with his mom most of the time. She is good people and we are all mutually looking out for Thing 2 as a team.

On Game Night the boys put themselves into a brownie coma as we played basketball, twister, charades, what am I doing, and headbandz. During headbandz, which is a really fun game by the way, I had a mushroom. I asked "am I a vegetable?" Thing 2 said "Oh yeah I can give you a hint." This seemed harmless so I took said hint. He then explained my mushroom like this "It's the thing that Uncle Lineman took and he thought there was a zombie chasing him." I stared open-mouthed. First, how does he know this story? and second what the heck have we done?

I got home and talked to Lineman about it. He explained that he told Thing 2, always inquisitive and never satisfied with the "because I said so" answer, that story to explain the dangers of doing drugs. This sounds like an amazing way to ward kids from taking drugs but as the school principal had been behind me moments before his explanation Lineman got the over the glasses "look". I was less than pleased that our 9 year old would explain a vegetable that way. Needless to say we snuck by the principal when we left and I said a prayer that she did not hear that part of our game. All in all it was a good night.

Then came Saturday. I got up early to make bacon, Thing 1's favorite food in the whole wide world, because he was going to see his dad for the weekend. I cooked waffles as well at the request of Thing 2 and we had a lovely morning. Then it was time to knock out chores. Thing 1 was saved when his dad picked him up, Thing 2 was relegated to the back yard with Lineman to finish the landscape project that might end, and I was sequestered to the house with The Baby.

The Baby was tired but not giving in so he was clingy. We played on the floor and I finally put our wedding video in for something to occupy my mind until I was able to ply him to sleep with a bottle. Once he was down I began to tackle the task of mowing the lawn. Of course we had bad gas in our mower that hadn't been used in 2 years, I was pregnant and lazy so I paid someone, don't judge. I had to call Nana and borrow her mower and weed eater. I finally finished the front yard and headed to the back to get the parts of the yard that were not covered in construction materials, eventually I convinced Lineman that yes we should move the trampoline so I could mow under it since I was already  here and ready. By the end I was ready to take the mower back and stopped in the house to check on things. Apparently The Baby had woken shortly after his nap began and Thing 2, being a good big brother, had saved him from his swing and put him on the floor with his toys. He was happy and Thing 2 was playing on the IPad and watching The Baby so I took what I could get and ran the mower back.

I got home, played with The Baby, and laid him down for this second nap. I vacuumed and cleaned the house so we could you know, continue to live in it without CPS being called. I did dishes and laundry and was ready to cook dinner. After a quick run to the store I noticed the clouds were darkening signaling rain. So I jumped in and helped Lineman shovel the last load of dirt into the flower bed before the rain hit. I cooked dinner, did dishes again and imbibed in some adult beverages with a icy hot patch on my lower back. I had a slight sunburn but so much got done I couldn't complain.

Sunday was much of the same. Work our butts off, got another more painful sunburn, and ALMOST finished the flower bed. I am now so tired I can barely keep my eyes open to finish the payroll for my clients that is due on Thursday. Yay weekend is over now I can rest.. wait what?

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