Friday, January 8, 2016

Diet Day 2

DAY 2:

9:15AM Eat a surprisingly delicious chocolate chip granola bar. It was like really good. I was happy. Drink a bottle of water. Pee. (I’m sure you get the general gist of the water intake. Lots of water=lots of peeing. I’ll stop adding this little tidbit).

11:00AM make chocolate shake with Ice I somehow remembered. I still forget the veggie filler because the store is hard work with children and I was trying not to have a panic attack at the state of my house yesterday.

12:30PM Eat a trail mix bar that was pretty good but did not really feel like lunch. It felt like snacking. I wish I had bought veggies. Tomorrow there will be vegetables or I will die.

2:00PM Make second shake that is starting to grow on me because I am losing any brain power I had due to lack of food. Silently pray my mother purchased delicious carrots for me to snack on while watching them eat something delicious.

5:30PM When I arrived at my mother’s to pick up the children a delicious smell smacks me in the face. She has made homemade orange chicken and tater tots. Who does that to a woman on a diet? My children are eating this in front of me. My dinner just doesn’t hold enough appeal and I cave. I only ate a few pieces but they were probably a good 200 calories a piece so I know that all my hard work for today and yesterday are now ruined. I don’t care that chicken was bomb.

6:30PM Arrive home with the children and get them ready for the evening. Start dishes, do laundry and ignore any requests from my body for food. Eventually cave and eat a babybel cheese round. Those things are really delicious and I feel like they will be pretty much my go to snack when I need some damn salt. Vow to get groceries tomorrow come hell or high water.

9:00PM Get in bed exhausted and kinda hungry. I'm feeling more energetic. Like maybe I'll get to sleep at a decent hour and get up early to work out... but then again, maybe I won't. 

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