Friday, January 8, 2016

Diet Day 4

9:00AM Cinnamon muffin is not so bad for breakfast. I am getting used to the decrease in sugar in all foods I am allowed to eat. I still long for the delicious Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the cabinet at the office but since I've spent a months worth of grocery money on this diet I decide the chocolate and peanut butter cups calling to me are not worth it.

11:30AM force myself to drink the chocolate shake. Realize it’s still not good. Only 3 more days of this grossness. Then I get real snack foods. Like imitation crab or lowfat cottage cheese. I am sadly longing for those days now! Oh the possibilities!

1:30PM Oh shit I gotta eat something because I need to drink another shake pretty soon. Scarf some chicken noodle soup that tastes like it might have salt in it. Stare into empty container hoping for more. But alas, I have eaten the entire container and must return to the hum drum of my workday. Lunch break was over in like 5 minutes. Tops.

3:30PM Have second different shake and realize this one is kind of growing on me. Tastes much better than morning shake. Kind of delicious actually. I’m really digging this shake.

5:00PM Take the kids to McD’s because I am avoiding an aunt that will be showing up at my parents house. I thought I would end up binge eating and feel sick. I actually planned this scenario out in my head. Instead I had some fries and a burger. I didn’t eat all my fries and I was busy when we got home so I ate half the burger, did chores and then ate the other half. Seemed to work really well. Slowing down the intake definitely helped me eat less. I did really want a second burger but I figured I'd limit myself to keep up appearances.

8:00PM The Baby is in bed and I’m feeling the hunger. Grabbed a couple of Babybel cheeses and contemplated another snack. Instead of eating it right away I decided to sit in front of the tv with the bag in my lap. I didn’t open it. I felt better that I could have it if I wanted it, but I didn’t need it! Yay diet is working!  Or maybe staring at a bag of imitation cheetos made me realize how low I've sunk. Who craves that kind of crap? Not this girl. Give me the real stuff or give me starvation!

I have realized that this diet makes me super regular. I can almost poop on command. I’m thinking the first week you mostly loose water and fecal weight. Ok that was a pretty big overshare but I feel like I should be documenting this all for prosperity or something. 

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