Monday, January 11, 2016

Diet Day 7

12:00PM Not really interested in eating but it has to happen eventually. We get the baby some food and I eat a breakfast sandwich that sounded good but in reality was very gross. It desperately needed cheese. Combat this with some low fat cottage cheese and shared with the baby.

2:00PM Lineman is eating caramel chocolates and I hate him for it. Shared some with the baby before his nap and I just watched and ate nothing. Lineman wants pizza for dinner, which is his all time favorite meal. I agreed to go but this will probably be a regrettable step backwards.

5:00PM get to the pizza place. I ordered a salad bar and got as much as I could. No vinaigrette so I had to have my favorite blue cheese. I ate 2 pieces of pizza which is WAY more than I should have but the stuff was just too damn good. I will get back on track tomorrow.

7:00PM I found some chocolates and ate two because I’ve already blown my day up with calories and they tasted like heaven on earth.

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