Monday, January 11, 2016

Diet Day 6

Lineman comes home at midnight and I cannot freaking wait. I also know that this is going to make dieting very difficult but I think I can still make it happen.

9:00AM get the baby dressed and take him to my mothers. Today I get to wear jeans so I feel all comfy and happy about working on a Saturday. Side note- tax season is the real deal. We work 7 days a week for 3 ½ months. I ate some really gross blueberry thing that I will make sure is never on another order. Ew.

11:30AM I grabbed a bunch of veggies and some balsamic vinaigrette and dipped those suckers within an inch of their life. It made the broccoli less gross! So yay for me. I’m feeling slightly lightheaded from lack of food but I can only guess that this is a good sign. Goodbye poundage.

2:30PM I was so full of veggies I skipped lunch. At this point I am contemplating a shake but forgot a fucking straw again. I decide the shake is not worth it and drink water to fill the void.

5:30PM After a run to the licquor store I decide to break the mold and have some taco salad. I know this isn’t diet sounding but I had very little meat and more salad and veggies to make me full. It worked. Yay.

7:00PM Get home with only The baby. He had a long nap today so he’s full of energy and since I’ll be up for several more hours I’m ok with a late bedtime. I snack on some imitation lobster meat and cheese. I’ve realized that my calorie intake is less than 500 today which is good because when Lineman comes home we normally have a couple of drinks while we talk and catch up.

10:30PM my mom arrives to sit at the house while the baby sleeps and I go to the airport. I stop by the store to pick up the baby’s favorite meal of Velveeta shells and cheese the microwave version and some wine for my mother.

11:00PM out of the store and on my way to the airport. Feeling a little light headed. I get to the airport and wait for an hour for Lineman.

12:30AM we are on our way home. Get there shuffle my mother to her mini van and start drinking. I also opened the Beef summer sausage the neighbor gave me and some crackers because I think I’m going to pass out. Blow my calorie count out of the water and drink with Lineman until 3AM. It was fun but I know I will regret this. 

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